About us

It started almost 30 years ago (in Aruba) when I had the dream to connect the culture, creativity and work of my people with the rest of the world. This dream and my work with those artisans which make the Black Pottery’s articles, did not stop when I move to Holland in the year 1996. Since then my husband, daughter and me, are completely dedicated and committed to sell and promote this fantastic product in order to help the families of the village “La Chamba” in Colombia, where this objects are made and to allow you to enjoy what mother earth still has to offer through this 100% organic product.

And so, we have started by selling the Black Pottry´scollection  to prestigious shops as wholesalers, and nowadays, we want to give to opportunities to everybody, also those who do not have a Black Pottery Distributors close in their town, to by through this web shop.

Our loyalty to the artisans, the passion for our work and our idealistic goals, make us work hard, laugh often, and collaborate with our “business to business” or “private” contacts. We immediately earn the trust of our clients and exceed their expectations. We become members of people’s families for a day of celebration. We invest all of our energy of realizing the dream of helping others by our motto of “trade and not only aid”. We will keep doing the best job for our clients,  making these products available in Holland, Belgian and the rest of Europe.

Our Vision & Values

  • Our vision is to be the  “First  Leading Company offering the real 100%  organic handmade Black Pottery products for cooking and table to whole Europe” –  This does mean being the biggest company, but the company that works the best in terms of  a social and loyal consciousness  towards  the artisans of  “La Chamba” helping them through our trade, to create the conditions and  infrastructure that will guarantee these families will continue making these objects the same way their ancestors did it, which is the extra value of these items. We do all these, also with the focus in giving our costumers value, customer service and consistent growth.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is a world where the different cultures can maintain their traditions, arts and crafts, and can live from then through the recognition and fair value from  of their work.

We aim to achieve this vision by:


  • Providing the artisans the opportunity to reach the international market trough us, by introducing their products and showing their culture to Europe.  
  • Contributing to a responsible social commitment, providing support, guidance and education to members of the families in charge, to help then to take the export of their products in their own hands. 
  • Setting standards for their well being and work conditions.      

Our Team:

- Evelyn de Lima

- Gijs Teeuwen

- Karen Hessels


Evelyn's Cepa y Matiz

Tel: +31 (0)492 511 813 / +31 (0)6 39 24 06 13

Showroom: De Kromme Geer 2

5709 ME Helmond – Netherlands

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