For stores and business-to-business relations:

Contact us via e-mail ( or telephone (+31 (0)492 511813 / +31(0)492 511813), mobile +31 (0)653211599 / +31(0)653211599.

Mention the name of your company including your BTW number and Chamber of Commerce number.

As soon as you submit your company information we will send you our wholesale prices and catalogue.

Wholesale conditions:


Minimum order of € 750.00 (ex BTW) exclusive transport.  

Minimum amount for franco delivery € 1,200.00 (ex BTW)


Minimum order of € 750.00 (ex BTW) franco delivery.  

For orders made within Europe there is no BTW (tax) charged if you provide a valid foreign BTW number.

You're always welcome to make an appointment to visit us in our showroom.